Climate neutral online-shops through carbon credits with added value

NICESHOPS is a successful Styrian company managing 23 renowned online-shops. Around 350 employees currently dispatch around 11,000 parcels to Europe and the world from Saaz every day. NICESHOPS GmbH took the step into a greener future and decided to become climate-neutral. NICESHOPS GmbH has been working climate-neutral since 2018, the company continues to work on improving its carbon footprint and assuming corporate responsibility in all areas - ecological and social.

To achieve carbon neutrality NICESHOPS GmbH is following the threefold structure: avoiding, reducing and offsetting. Wherever it is possible emissions are avoided or reduced. To become climate-neutral NICESHOPS Gmbh offsets all remaining emissions through HELIOZ’ carbon credits with added value. Through the purchase of those certificates NICESHOPS Gmbh provides rural communities in Bangladesh with safe drinking water.

"Social values play an important role in our company, for us it is obvious that we support projects which are good for the climate, but also have a significant benefit for the people in respective countries," Roland Fink, CEO NICESHOPS .

With carbon credits from HELIOZ, NICESHOPS GmbH contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, HELIOZ implements hygiene measures and water, sanitation and health (WASH) trainings to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the communities in Bangladesh. We are proud to be cooperating with NICESHOPS GmbH and taking joint responsibility for a greener and better future.


Project Area Bangladesh, Sarankhola