Safe drinking water for Korku and Barela Tribes in Khandwa 

Since 2017 ALPLA is collaborating with HELIOZ for the provision of safe drinking water in rural areas of India. ALPLA is one of the world-wide leading producers of synthetic packaging solutions. In line with ALPLA´s global presence in India the company is supporting HELIOZ in the fight against waterborne diseases such as cholera and diarrhea, which are transmitted through polluted drinking water.

ALPLA is raising awareness for the importance of clean drinking water and demonstrates how an easy method can improve health and well-being. By applying SODIS in combination with WADI and PET-Bottles, simple bottles become an important component to provide communities in need cost-efficiently and sustainably with safe drinking water.

In cooperation with the experienced staff of Caritas India and their long-time local partner Khandwa Diocesan Social Services (KDSS), HELIOZ selected villages home to Korku and Barela tribes and trained community workers to raise awareness about waterborne diseases and how to disinfect water using the power of the sun and a WADI.

In a joint kick-off event with ALPLA and HELIOZ, we have inaugurated the project and initiated the first WADI distribution to households in the Korku village Indrakheda.

Project Area India, Khandwa
Project Start 2017
Customer ALPLA