22 Mar

World Water Day - creating Impact together 

HELIOZ, in cooperation with the University of Natural Resources & Life Sciences Vienna and the companies Spitz, Beko Engineering and Graf Elektronik, launches an ambitious drinking water project in Uganda.

Soroti and Namayingo District, Uganda.

In Africa, unlike in Europe, drinking water is no matter of course. 

The negative consequences are complex - from diseases and additional costs for water treatment to massive climate damage due to boiling water with firewood, the most common method for water disinfection. With COVID-19, another problem is now topical, for which clean water is indispensable.

Uganda is not an unique case. Worldwide, 1.8 billion people have limited or no access to clean drinking water. "This makes efficient and innovative solutions important. With the 'Initiative World Water Day' we want to set new standards, because everyone benefits from sustainability!"  explains Martin Wesian, founder of HELIOZ. Together with the project partners Spitz, Beko Engineering and Graf Elektronik, many families in Soroti and Namayingo District are supplied with clean drinking water.

For leading Austrian companies Spitz, Beko Engineering and Graf Elektronik, sustainability plays an essential role. As part of their corporate social responsibility strategy, the members of the Initiative World Water Day support a project with social and ecological added value, thereby making a valuable contribution to our future.

Solar water disinfection

The means to success is called WADI, a UV measuring device for visualizing solar water disinfection. The WADI is positioned next to a full PET or glass bottle and solar disinfection (SODIS) takes care for the rest. The device shows when the disinfection process is complete and the water is ready to drink.

Families are trained and accompanied over a longer period of time. Additionally, hygiene trainings are implemented and the rate of water-borne diseases in the regions can be reduced by more than 80% in the long run. Especially during the pandemic, measures are also taken to counteract the spread of viruses. One example is the construction of so-called Tippy Taps, a simple infrastructure for handwashing. 

With the 'Initiative World Water Day' HELIOZ, Spitz, Beko Engineering and Graf Elektronik want to offer people in Uganda safe and affordable access to the vital resource of water and thus improve living conditions in Soroti and Namayingo District.