24 May

Water and Climate VPA#3:
Invitation to Local Stakeholder Consultation

HELIOZ is proud to announce a new project under its Gold Standard POA "Water and Climate". Water and Climate VPA#3 will provide 10,000 households in Bagerhat, Bangladesh with HELIOZ' technology "WADI" as an easy solution for creating safe drinking water. HELIOZ will act as project developer in cooperation with the local organisation "Centre for Disability in Development (CDD)" as implementation partner. 

As first important step in this new project, HELIOZ and CDD herewith invite all relevant local stakeholders of this project to attend the Local Stakeholder Consultation Meeting for the project “Water and Climate VPA #3 – Bagerhat, Bangladesh”. The meeting shall take place on 25/06/2023 from 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM in Sharonkhola Upazilla Officer’s Club.

The objective of the meeting is to present the project “Water and Climate VPA#3 – Bagerhat, Bangladesh” to the public and gather feedback on the planned project activities. The participants’ concerns and recommendations are highly valued by the project team to improve project design and impact; and will be taken into account as per the Gold Standard GS4GG international guidelines on conducting carbon offset projects.

The project “Water and Climate VPA#3 – Bagerhat, Bangladesh” will provide 10,000 households (50,000 people) in Sarankhola Upazila of Bagerhat, Bangladesh, with access to safe drinking water through the environmentally friendly process of Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS) using the UV indicator WADI. The households will be supported through trainings and accompanying WASH activities to trigger the behavior change and ensure that practice becomes habit over the project duration of 5 years.

All further information and contact information can be found as download here.