29 Nov

The HELIOZ experience @ Expo 2020 Dubai

A world exhibition is a special experience. A place where every country of the world showcases what it has to offer or what can be expected of the future. It is the whole world compressed together on a comparatively small piece of land. 

"Just think, that with a few exceptions, a person from every country in the world is here" the author of this Blog entry said to her colleague on the first day of her Expo experience while soaking up the vastness and sensory overload of the grounds. 

And in midst of all those country and theme pavilions, HELIOZ was lucky enough to shape a piece of Expo narrative. Nestled in the "Opportunity Pavillion - Mission Possible" was a little area called "Best Practice Area" where companies and projects from all over the world were chosen and invited to showcase their solutions for a better tomorrow. HELIOZ and WADI was one of them. 

We've met like-minded entrepreneurs, talked to climate activists and entrepreneurs that want to make the world a better place. We joined events at the Indian Pavillion to represent our Indian HELIOZ Global Services. We've presented WADI and HELIOZ's in front of an interested Expo crowd and grabbed a coffee in the Austria Pavillion to soothe our Austrian souls.

We've celebrated Austrias national day at the Expo and welcomed Austrias federal minister for economic affairs Margarete Schramböck at our exhibit where our founder Martin explained WADI and how it enables HELIOZ not just to create safe drinking water but also contribute to stoping climate change. 

All of that we did in the name of spreading the message about our technology and the work we do. And as we settle back into our office, full of new impressions and inspirations, we want to share some of them with you with the pictures below.