25 Mar

Safe Water for Sudan 
The cooperation with Siemens Sudan enters the next stage 

Still many people in Sudan have no access to safe drinking water and sanitary facilities. In many parts of the region the situation leads to a spread of waterborne diseases. Recognizing the need of clean drinking water, Siemens collaborates with HELIOZ to counter the water & hygiene crisis in Sudan and provide safe drinking water to Khartoum and Kosti.  The project for Sudan is now entering the next stage. The production process of the required equipment for the project is in full swing. The WADIs are currently being produced in India and the safety and functionality is being extensively tested by local experts. 

The WADI (Water Disinfection) is a measuring device for solar water disinfection (SODIS). HELIOZ thus provides clean drinking water to thousands of families in India, Africa and Southeast Asia. Through efficient solar water disinfection, less water is wasted and existing water resources are used efficiently. In addition, WASH (water, sanitation & hygiene) training is implemented in the projects to raise awareness locally. In the project areas, the morbidity rate of water-related diseases can thus be reduced by 80%.

“Clean drinking water is an essential and basic human right. Communities having reasonable access to clean water promotes better health, while preventing the spread of easily avoidable diseases. This solution that we’re bringing to the people of Sudan will provide an improved way of life and will add value to our people,” Sabine Dall'Omo, CEO of Siemens, Southern and Eastern Africa. The collaboration between HELIOZ and Siemens aims to provide a solution that will deliver drinkable water and „WASH“ water health and sanitation measures to the marginalized communities in Khartoum.