12 Apr

HELIOZ in Uganda
Planting fruit trees for families


Since 2019 HELIOZ and myclimate are cooperating to implement a Gold Standard climate project in Uganda. This project provides access to safe water for around 50,000 people in rural communities in Eastern Uganda as many people still depend on open and unsafe water sources such as lakes and rivers often leading to diseases like diarrhea, typhoid or cholera.

To generate further impact for local families, we are planting fruit trees together with inhabitants. In addition, training sessions are held to explain the benefits of fruit trees.

Fruit trees have many advantages, from fruit harvesting for families, to the protection of wildlife and environment:

Why we plant fruit trees?

  • Promote Well-being:

Homegrown fruits are known to promote well-being. Food security and nutrition is an essential concern to any household. Growing fruit gives families in rural areas more control over nutrition security.

  • Preserve Health: 

Growing food with the community is linked with health benefits. Well-placed trees serve as a physical filter to trap dust and absorb pollutants in the air, so it improves air quality.

  • Strengthen Local Pride:

Planting trees or within a community brings local families together. Fruit trees in a community are a perfect educational resource not only for children.

  • Contributing to Eco-Friendly Solutions and Global Issues: 

By planting fruit trees, it is possible to reduce the greenhouse effect and slow the rate of global warming. By absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, trees reduce harmful emissions in the air.

  • Protecting  Wildlife:

Fruit trees also offer shelter and food to communities of insects, birds, fungi and other animals. They provide complex micro-habitats and create a healthy ecosystem. Rewind natural lands by sowing native organic fruit trees combined with surface water. Together, they will attract birds and insects and foster the local biodiversity.


The program is implemented with our local partner Get Water Uganda.