16 Apr


Martin Wesian, founder of Helioz, had caught cholera during a trip through Venezuela because he had drunk contaminated water. He then looked into water treatment and discovered solar water disinfection. This method of disinfecting water requires no batteries, filters or chemicals, just the power of the sun and a PET or glass bottle. It is not new, but is only used in a few areas. Wesian developed a UV meter that can measure the process of solar water disinfection.

Water disinfection via the sun

WADI is a hand-sized device that shows how contaminated water is turned into drinking water with the help of the sun. The device consists of electronic components that detect the sun's UV light and calculate how long it has been acting. A laughing smiley face indicates that the water has been sterilised.

Boiling the water becomes superfluous, and firewood and CO2 can be saved. "Around two tonnes of CO2 can be saved per device per year," says Markus Wesian, Managing Director of Helioz. Companies that need to improve their CO2 balance can purchase corresponding certificates from Helioz.

Win-win situation

Graf Elektronik in Dornbirn supplies and developed the electronic components for WADI. In a first batch, 70,000 units are currently being prefabricated. The focus is on the social purpose of giving people access to clean water, says Helmut Feuerstein, Managing Director of Graf Elektronik.

Helioz is currently in talks with the Indian government for one million devices. If thousands of families then disinfect their water with WADI instead of wood, they will save money on heating material and companies will improve their carbon footprint through the certificates issued. A win-win situation for everyone.

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