19 May

Marketing4Future "Klimakompensation ja, aber richtig!

"Climate compensation yes, but the right way!

On 5.5.2021 we were at the Marketing4Future Roundtable "Climate compensation yes, but the right way!" by the Alliance for Climate-Positive Behaviour. 

CO2 offsetting is only greenwashing and selling indulgences if it is done as an alternative and not on top of people's and companies' own active CO2 reduction. So far, so good.

But how exactly do we find the exact line between the two options and the right measure?

What qualitative factors and adjusting screws are there to consider in one's own climate protection strategy in the chapter "compensation"? And what does this ultimately mean for the communicative handling of one's own compensation efforts in marketing and advertising?

These were the topics of the Marketing4Future climate workshop in roundtable format together with:

Friederike Priebe, EPEA GmbH
Julius Palm, followfood GmbH
Konstantin Bark, Unilever
Moritz Möller, Veganz Group AG
Naime Schimanski, Rügenwalder Mühle
Sarah Entacher, Helioz
Stefan Baumeister, myclimate Deutschland gGmbH

Here you can find the recording of the session:

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