09 Jun

Making an impact - HELIOZ bi-annual impact update 

They say “when you love what you’re doing, you’ll be successful”. At HELIOZ we will always use every opportunity to tell you about the impact we’re making with our climate projects. We tell you, that while we save CO2 we also strive to better the livelihood of all our beneficiaries. After all, HELIOZ is a Social Enterprise. We vow to reinvest earnings and be transparent while doing so. We try to explain why HELIOZ climate certificates have added value and what sets us apart.

Now - why would you believe us?

This is our bi-annual report. Just like we assess our project activities every 6 months, we bring you an update to show the progress we made. This time this report is all about impact.

Ever since traveling was possible again, we’ve been busy leaving our office behind to go visit, check upon, listen, collect feedback and make sure that our efforts are directed in the right way. And while this report and our work of course evolves around our projects and beneficiaries, we wanted to give you a little behind the scene look into our travels with some snapshots of our trips. Partly because we’re still so charmed by our experiences but mostly because we want to show and assure you, that you can, in fact, believe all our bold claims.

We at HELIOZ do in fact love what we do. We create climate projects that are good for the climate and the people. We want to do our part to save tomorrows climate.

Included in this report are stories and quotes from people we and our partners met. And of course numbers and updates on our projects.

We hope to provide you a glimpse into HELIOZ’ work. But most of all we hope to inspire you to take action - Because tomorrow it’s too late.

Download it here!