15 Dec

HELIOZ and Siemens

HELIOZ and Siemens lay the foundation for a long-term cooperation in Bangladesh and Sudan. Find out more about sustainable projects in this article.

The HELIOZ and Siemens project in Sudan is entering the implementation phase

Siemens South Africa has teamed up with HELIOZ to counteract the water crisis in Sudan. The two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to provide the residents of Khartoum in Sudan with safe drinking water. The project developed by HELIOZ is now entering the implementation phase. The first phase will be carried out in the rural area of Khartoum, where access to safe drinking water is a major challenge. In a second step, Siemens and HELIOZ want to extend the initiative to Kosti in the state of White Nile, where Siemens has already enhanced and renovated two schools.

“Business exists to serve society and helping the societies in which we operate is part of our core value at Siemens. Our collaboration with HELIOZ on this project solidifies our commitment to address basic human needs and essential infrastructure for the advancement of communities and regions we operate. Positively impacting the quality of life of people in our regions is crucial to us.” Sabine Dall'Omo, CEO of Siemens, Southern and Eastern Africa

HELIOZ and Siemens Foundation in Bangladesh

HELIOZ has been running a climate project with 5,000 households in the coastal region of Bangladesh, Bagerhat District, since 2017. Thanks to the Siemens Stiftung's Cents4sense initiative, HELIOZ can generate a far-reaching impact on site:

• Ensuring clean drinking water for 2100 households

• Disinfection of 15.3 million litres of water per year

• Annual savings of approx. 1000 kg of firewood per household

• Protecting local forests from deforestation

In addition, HELIOZ implements WADI user groups in order to strengthen the position of women on site. Through awareness-raising and hygiene training, HELIOZ and the Siemens Stiftung enable the disease rate among families to be reduced in the long term.