02 Apr


HELIOZ is a social enterprise committed to clean drinking water and reducing carbon emission on a global perspective. It is important for HELIOZ to leave a positive footprint and to create a better world for our children.

With its #MakingMoneyCareMore initiative, the European Investment Fund is supporting companies like HELIOZ to tackle social challenges.

The EIF and its partners have been fostering social impact and an inclusive finance ecosystem for more than a decade to help increase the flow of finance to social and micro entrepreneurs.

Martin Wesian the founder of HELIOZ lived in south america and has seen a cholera outbreak there. He started to conseptualize how to overcome the disparity between the poor and the rich for having acess to clean drinking water by using the UV rays oft he sun to disinfect the water. The WADI itself calculates the reduction and the growth of the germs in the water.