You can slowly improve 
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Carbon credits with added value

By replacing the boiling of water by using firewood with the method of Solar Disinfection (SODIS) with WADI, HELIOZ is generating CO2 certificates for the voluntary carbon market. These certificates originating from premium climate projects offer a big range of co-benefits and are of high interest for corporates who want to communicate their carbon neutrality. 

Climate – Water – Health

The facts are clear: Climate Change has an accelerating impact on the big issues of our time, threatening the well-being and livelihoods of people around the world. The changing conditions lead to an additional threat to existing resources.

In India, 140,000 children die every year due to diarrhea alone. The cause? A lack of access to safe drinking water sources. In rural communities in Asia and Africa people still depend on limited, microbiologically contaminated water sources to satisfy their basic needs. Unfortunately, the most common method of water disinfection, boiling the water with firewood, results in high CO2 emissions – directly affecting the environment. In addition to being time-consuming and expensive for the people, widespread use also has dire effects on people’s respiratory health and local forest cover. Innovative and affordable solutions are needed to tackle the global water and climate crisis, improving people’s living conditions without creating dependencies and additional problems.

Carbon market 

To mitigate global warming it is inevitable for companies to decrease carbon emissions. Currently there are industrial and corporate emissions which cannot be reduced or avoided, due to a lack of technical possibilities.

Companies can offset these unavoidable emissions by supporting climate projects that contribute to global CO2 reduction somewhere else. The consequence is that global pollution is reduced and global warming can be decelerated.

CO2 Reduction at household level

Creating positive environmental impact and integrating sustainability-based activities in the HELIOZ project design are key aspects of the operations.

The HELIOZ climate projects include:

  • Water disinfection with an environmentally friendly and solar-based technology
  • Reduction of 2 tons of CO2 per WADI/year
  • Networks and trainings for plastic recycling and waste management
  • Protection of local forests

Carbon credits with added value

While providing safe drinking water to rural households, HELIOZ is generating significant impact in the project region, leading to unique marketing content. Customers receive tailor made impact reports as well as human interest stories, photo and video material for social media channels enabling companies to add value to their brand and influencing global trends to conduct business responsibly. HELIOZ as a full-service provider is offering an above project-oriented approach to federal and state governments in India and selling its technology and know-how to international NGOs (e.g. Plan international, Welthungerhilfe)

Our projects will be certified under Gold Standard, the leading standard for verified emission rights (VER) guaranteeing the highest standard for CO2 certificates which are sold on the voluntary carbon market.

The voluntary carbon market is the global platform for trading and selling CO2 certificates for voluntary emission offsetting.

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