11 Aug

The road to Dubai Expo - Part 2 

We're getting closer! In November, we will be exhibiting two of HELIOZ’ innovations – PAANITOP and WADI.  The two devices lead to great success in water disinfection.  To give you a more detailed insight, today we provide you with some information about our 2 exhibits: 

We start with our WADI.  It is a UV indicator that visualizes water disinfection. The usage is simple: Plastic bottles are placed next to the WADI in the sun. The UV radiation then disinfects the water. When the water is safe to consume, the device displays a smiley. Users then know that it is safe to drink the water out of their bottles. The simple operation makes the device user-friendly and perfect for use on a household level. In addition to the simple method of obtaining clean drinking water, WADI technology also positively impacts the climate. Homes that only have access to contaminated water previously used firewood to boil water and disinfect it.  This method leads to deforestation and increased CO2 emissions. WADI counteracts this and offers an economically friendlier approach.

Secondly, we present PAANITOP.  PAANITOP is currently under development. It will be ideally suited for larger quantities of water and functions as a storage tank.  Here, for example, amounts of rainwater can be captured and stored.  It is a Safe Water Cycle System and is solar-powered.  PAANITOP’s capacities are well suited for larger environments such as schools, buildings, and small villages.  PAANITOP can also be upgraded to act as an automatic draining and water storage system. It is possible to connect the device to WADI software, which allows it to know precisely when water is safe to drink.

We are excited to be presenting both of the products and looking forward to taking you further with us on our journey