19 Jul

Project Start
Siemens Safe Water for Sudan 

Project Start: Siemens - Safe Water for Sudan

Still many people in Sudan have no access to safe drinking water and sanitary facilities. In many parts of the region the situation leads to a spread of waterborne diseases. 

Recognizing the need of clean drinking water, Siemens collaborates with HELIOZ to counter the water & hygiene crisis in Sudan.

The region - Altinaidba Ethiopian Refugee Camp

The project will focus on the Altinaidba Ethiopian Refugee Camp in Almafaza locality, Gedaref State. The camp lies around 110 km to the North – West of Gedaref town. Altinaidba Camp was established in the beginning of 2021 near Altinaidba village which is inhabited by around 5,000 persons. The selected place was a small camp for Ethiopian refugees before they were voluntary repatriated to their country in the past. Now, 21,089 Ethiopian refugees are living in the camp.

The main source of water for the camp is one of the irrigation canals of Errahad Agriculture Scheme.  There is a water filtering station of limited capacity established at the bank of the canal and connected to the main tank and distribution points in the camp. Due to the limited capacity of the filtering station (designed to produce 100 cubic meters, but currently producing only 10 cubic meters per day), most of the refugees, as well as their hosting communities, take their water directly from the canal and use it for drinking and for other household uses.

The water is contaminated with derbies, animal dung and urine, etc. The water is often untreated by the locals, causing in a spread of waterborne disease.

Due to the shortage of water supply in the camp, the refugees also start swimming and cleaning their bodies in the canal. This is adding to the contamination of the water and creating tension between the refugees and the host communities, who have limited access to the filtering station and depend on satisfying around 90% of their domestic and other water uses from the canal water.

In cooperation with ZOA Sudan

We work together with our local partner ZOA Sudan. ZOA is active in Darfur and in the East in Gedaref and Kassala. The Country Office of ZOA Sudan is based in Khartoum and is currently active in 13 countries in South America, Africa and Asia, as well as supporting disaster responses in 3 other countries.

ZOA has been involved in various WASH (water sanitation & hygiene) interventions in Sudan, ranging from basic drilling and rehabilitation of water points and providing Hygiene promotion and materials to refugees to full Community Led Total Sanitation and Integrated Water Resource Management programmes.

“I am excited to see this partnership between ZOA and Helioz taking off through this first project, as it brings together the innovative and technological strength of the private sector and the experience with implementing Integrated WASH programs in areas where different groups are accessing the same water sources. In situations like these, where sudden influx of refugees change the community landscape and use of water faces challenges on the supply side in quality and  on the demand side in quantity, the introduction of WADIs can provide a technological and environmental friendly support  to the access to clean water, as well as the more peaceful coexistence of the different groups in the community. We look forward to a new step in our quest for environmental friendly and sustainable solutions in water resource management to these challenges that the people in Sudan are facing.”

Harmen Sas, Country Director ZOA Liberia